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Day Seven
      Agorgeous day. We had a nice breakfast. Our bags were transported to the bus and we were off on another adventure. We stopped at an organic water buffalo farm for a tour and lunch featuring, you guessed it, fresh buffalo mozzarella served in a variety of ways. Back on the bus to Paestum, only a few minutes away, for a guided tour of Roman and Greek ruins over 2,600 years old. Paestum was founded in 600 B.C. by the Greeks and conquered by the Romans in 273 B.C. The best preserved and most spectacular ruins in Paestum are the three Greek temples. The largest is the Temple of Hera II dating back to 450 B.C. It’s absolutely huge… 195 by 80 feet. Also at the site is an archaeological museum, with some very interesting Greek and Etruscan artifacts that we visited. In the museum, there are some very well preserved tomb paintings, most famous being Tomb of the Diver. It has been interpreted as a metaphor for death. The paintings show men spending time at a funerary banquet in a frolicking playful style. We rode by bus to Salerno where we boarded a boat to Minori. The ride was incredibly scenic! We were able to experience the Amalfi Coast from the water without venturing onto the Amalfi Coast Drive with its many hairpin twists and turns and busy traffic. We checked into our hotel, and a marching band paraded by celebrating the festival of the Virgin Mary. Lemons seem to be thematic everywhere so we shared penne arribiatta and ravioli with a lemon sauce at an outdoor restaurant only steps from our hotel.

The Greek Ruins
of Paestum

Our hike up to Ravello – Scroll or use left and right arrows to see more images below...
Day Eight
      Right after breakfast, we had a free day so we hiked up the1,500 step Lemon Walk Trail from Minori to Ravello, one of the highlights of our trip. Many others in our group chose to take a boat to Positano. The Lemon Walk consisted of uneven stone steps which meandered through tunnels and enchanting pathways around homes situated along the route. People live and work along this path. We even saw a worker leading burros with big tin baskets filled with crushed stone up the steps to a construction project. Ravello sits on a mountain top from which you can see wonderful views of distant hills with terraced vineyards and gardens and the sparkling waters of the gorgeous Amalfi Coast. The charming medieval streets, artisan shops of amazing ceramics, garden villas and stone alleyways make Ravello a very special place. A large piazza in the center of the town was a true gathering spot for locals and tourists. There were outdoor cafes and a lively group of children playing an impromptu game of soccer, enjoying the beautiful day. We had a delicious pizza and cappuccino at one of the cafes on the Piazza for lunch. The pizza had a crispy crust unlike the Roman pizza we had previously or the Neapolitan pizza we had later in Naples. We hiked back down to Minori and took a relaxing swim in the warm water of The Amalfi Coast. For dinner, we tried Fruitti di Mare and the Lemon ravioli again because it was so good!
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